How to protect your Garden Pots this Winter

Most plants die during winter time because they are not given the proper care they need. If their roots are locked in cold and wet soil in winter, they cannot survive the weather.

Here are some tips for you to follow to help you protect your Garden Pots during winter:

Tender Plants should be brought inside

Your tender plants need a frost-free minimum winter temperature to a cool room in your house, mildly heated greenhouse or conservatory before the bad weather sets in. Water these plants occasionally.

Wrap up Delicate Pots

Most ornamental pots are not designed to stand in freezing temperatures. They need winter protection. Try to wrap then up in burlap in two layers if possible. Make it sure it’s tight at the top and bottom with a garden string.

Tender Plants

Before the freezing strikes, wrap your potted plants in layers of horticultural fleece. Move the pot to a shed to avoid flaying winds. You can remove the fleece when the weather improves.

Lining Clay Pots

A bubble wrap is a good idea to insert inside your clay pots as early as spring. This will minimize the moisture evaporation and helps the roots snug in winter when the temperature strikes.


Exotic plants from warm places need extra protection from the winter. Some may survive the cold weather but some won’t make it. Try to do your best to help them stay warm. Then your flowers will be safe for your child’s gift to his elementary school teacher.



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